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Indiana Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Co (ILM) is the endorsed property & casualty insurance carrier for WBMA.


What is the Business Insurance Safety Group?
The indiana Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company (ILM) safety group is a business insurance program offered in partnership with WBMA.  ILM is a premier mutual insurance company that provides specialty propety & casualty insurance to the forest product and building material industry.

 By combining premiums, along with good loss and expense experience, the group can reduce net insurance costs.  The more companies with good loss experience that participate, the more successful the group will be.  The program offers excellent coverages, extremely competitive pricing, and if the group collectively has a good loss history, there may be a possibility of cash dividend payments of up to 10% of eligible policy premiums earned during the calendar year.

 How does the cash dividend portion of the program work?
If you are a WBMA member, all lines of insurance coverage (except workers' compensation and umbrella) are eligible for the program.  If the group collectively has a good loss and expense history, there is a possibility of a cash dividend payment of up to 10% of your eligibile policy premiums earned during the calendar year.  If the group has a poor loss history, there is NO penalty or surcharge.  It is a win-win situation.

 Who is eligible to receive a cash dividend?
Companies that are both WBMA members in good standing and ILM policyholders on the date any dividend is earned and declared are eligible to particiate in the safty group program.  Companies that have maintained a safe operation, have complied with ILM safety regulations, and were active ILM policyholders during the calendar year for which a dividend may be declared may receive a cash payment.  This is not a credit towards future insurance, but rather a check mailed to you, the insured.

If my insurance renews during the middle of the year, is my company still eligible for the safety group?

Yes, your company is eligible for the program.  If a dividend is declared, your amount would be calculated based on the earned premium of your ILM policies for that dividend year.

Qualifications for the Dividend Program:

-   Must be a member of WBMA
-   Purchase your property & casualty insurance from ILM
-   Maintain a safe operation complying with ILM safety regulations
-   Retain a low loss and expense ratio


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